Sunday, June 14, 2009

¡Viva Puerto Rico!

Today is the 52nd National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. It honors the millions of Americans of Puerto Rican birth, decent, and heritage. The parade along Fifth Avenue regularly attracts around 2 million spectators including New York politicians, professional athletes, and celebrities. This year’s parade is dedicated to Boricua music with the king of the parade being salsa superstar Victor Manuelle who is joined by Puerto Rican music stars including Grammy winners Olga Tañón, Eddie Palmieri, and José Feliciano.

This Parade also marks an important time in the history of Puerto Rican New Yorkers: one of our own (like me, born and raised in the Bronx), Judge Sonia Sotomayor, is the first Latino U.S. Supreme Court nominee. Unfortunately, she is unable to attend the parade because she is in D.C. Hopefully she’ll be part of the Parade next year as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

I, too, won’t be attending the Parade. I’ve attended many in the past and actually marched in the Parade one year when I was in college as part of the Latino college student organizations. I had the honor of carrying the Puerto Rican flag at the head of the contingent. I’ll return to the Parade once my son gets a little bit older so he can enjoy the revelry celebrating our heritage. ¡Viva Puerto Rico!

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