Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My QueryTracker Success Story Interview

QueryTracker is a must visit site for writers querying agent. The agent database is extensive and the site provides an easy format to keep track of your queries. It also works as a clearing house to find all sorts of info on any particular agent. I used it extensively in my query process, and while I had known about Dystel & Goderich for some time, I was able to get a lot of info on John. Cyberstalking is okay. It’s called RESEARCH.

Anyway, I was interviewed as part of QueryTracker’s “Success Stories” page. Here’s the link:


I mentioned this Fab Four in the interview, but they bear mentioning again, my four beta readers—Sue, Gretchen, Jenn, and Tracey—who are AWESOME and did a fantastic job with comments and suggestions. I loved working with them during my revision process and hope to work with them again on my other books.

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