Monday, September 26, 2011

Sixteen One-Game Seasons

The saying used to be that for the New York Yankees they played 162 one-game seasons each year based on the media and fan scrutiny. Every loss was the end of the world and every win euphoric. That's what happens when you're a winning team. So what do you get when you combine those feelings with a doom-and-gloom fanbase who had suffered PTFD (post traumatic fandom disorder), you get the New York Jets!

The Jets lost yesterday to fall to 2-1, the same record they started last season when they went to their second consecutive conference championship game after going 11-5. Reading the message boards none of the past matters. Heck, nothing last week matters. Jets lost this week and many fans are conceeding the season, saying that the team won't make the playoffs. It's absurd, of course, but Jet fans are mainly absurd. They've constantly killed Mark Sanchez and make the ludicrous claim that "he hasn't improved," but he has actually been better by essentially every metric. That doesn't matter when doom-and-gloom is part of your fandom DNA.

So we have these 16 one-game seasons this year and right now the world is at an end because the Jets lost. We'll see how next season is after this coming game Sunday night.

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