Monday, October 1, 2012

My Mom and Mitt Romney

My mom turns 70 today. I took the kids to see her this weekend at the nursing home. She seemed happy, as well as can be expected considering last year we worried that she was losing the ability to use her jaw as I blogged about. Multiple Sclerosis and dementia are a nasty combo. Fortunately, she can still eat on her own and doesn't need a feeding tube. She still can't use her right hand or her legs and I doubt she recognized us when we saw her. She's completely wheelchair bound. But there was genuine joy on her face when she saw my little girl again, regardless if she knew her. That we can be thankful for.

I hate to get political in this blog, but there are certain things that get me. It's the hidden things of this political season and President Bill Clinton mentioned it in his amazing convention speech.  If Mitt Romney is elected, under his VP Paul Ryan's plan, Medicaid will be gutted if not eliminated.  My mom needs 24 hour care.  She worked for the Board of Ed for nearly 20 years until her illness forced her retirement, and now her illness has devastated her quality of life. My mom couldn't get the services she needs without Medicaid.  There is no way my 78 year old father, my brother, sister, and me can afford on our own to take care of her. If Romney is elected, I wonder what will happen to my mom if he does what he wants to Medicaid. She is one of the 47% he derides.

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