Thursday, September 10, 2009

Excitement & Reflection

September 10, 2009. I have mixed emotions today. As a Yankee fan I’m ecstatic about Derek Jeter tying the great Lou Gehrig’s team hit record last night at 2,721. Tonight is the start of the NFL season with a matchup between the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the team that had the best record last year, the Tennessee Titans. My Jets play this Sunday against the Houston Texans, which marks the first start for Mark Sanchez. If there was ever an heir to Jeter’s New York City sports’ throne it would be Sanchez. I can only hope Sanchez is as successful on the football field as Jeter was and still is on the baseball diamond.

Today is also the eve of the eight anniversary of 9/11. That day is still vivid in my mind. What I have a hard time remembering was September 10, 2001. I remember going down to court the week before. The courthouse was not far from the World Trade Center. Coming out of the subway the towers were to my left in the distance, dominating the skyline. I go to that same subway station and I have a hard time remembering how the towers looked from that view. It puzzles me. Pre-9/11 seems like a dream. It’s been eight years and much as changed, but also much hasn’t.

Derek Jeter still plays for the Yanks, and I remember the aftermath of 9/11 and how Jeter tried to distract us a bit with a magical ride to the World Series. Jeter became known as Mr. November for his heroics. The season had been extended because baseball had shut down for a week following the attacks. The Yanks lost the World Series in gut wrenching fashion in the 7th and deciding game. That was the last best chance the Yanks had to win it all—until this year. Jeter is much older now, as we all are, and is the city since 9/11. It’s a time of reflection, and excitement as to what the future will bring.

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