Tuesday, October 11, 2011


They say that pregnant women have a "nesting" instinct where, late in pregnancy, they get a burst of energy to get things ready for the arriving baby. We experienced that first hand back in 2005. My wife and I were shopping for a house every weekend and on the morning of Saturday, July 30 she said we should take a break. So we stood home and set up the basinet and other things in our apartment. She was still 2 weeks away so I didn't think much of it. Sure enough, she went into labor the next day.

This time around we're in forced nesting mode with my wife being 6 months pregnant and our house (yes, we did end up buying a house in 2005) needing to be rearranged to get things ready for our baby girl. For one thing, my 6 year old son is still in the "nursery" (the smallest room in the house) and we have to turn the guest room into his new bedroom. Complicating matters was that we needed to get our unfinished basement finished so we could move things down there (including my workout equipment which had been slumming in the guest room). Well, the contractors finally finished last weekend and we moved what we could down there.

This weekend we went about finishing setting up the basement, painting my son's new room, and buying him all new furtiture. My wife and I are exausted, but it was well worth it. We still have the nursery to set up but that will be a smaller project. Who could have ever thought nesting could be so draining?


  1. At least it's all done now, and it has to be a huge weight off your shoulders. Yay, new baby! :D

  2. Thanks, Tina. Yeah, it's satisfying looking at my son's room now. But then I think of what I still have to do with his old room. Jeesh. :)