Monday, October 17, 2011

REAL STEEL and the Love of Boxing

Took my wife and son to see REAL STEEL this past Sunday and I'm happy to say we all really enjoyed it. Boxing and robots, a perfect combination. The thing is, when I was growing up my father's two favorite sports were boxing and baseball. Back then there was much more boxing on free TV so we got to see the big fights on regular broadcast. It might be a Puerto Rican thing, because my wife shares my same love of boxing. The sweet science is pretty much in disarray today for too many reasons to name and "big fights" are never worth the PPV fee, but there is something about it that still draws us.

My wife and I rarely watch TV together. It's usually for HBO series such as Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones. But early in our marriage we were hooked on The Contender, a reality TV competition for boxers created by Sly Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonhard. We absolutely loved it and my wife would go crazy during the fights (she still does when she watches them), boxing along with the fighters. We were so dissapointed when the show wasn't renewed by NBC. That was great television and great quality time spent together.

So we had a bit of that watching REAL STEEL, but this time we had our son with us. He, of course, likes to play fight. When I took him to see KUNG FU PANDA when he punched me in the eye when I wasn't looking. During REAL STEEL, my wife and son boxed along with the robots, reminding me how it used to be when my wife and I saw fights together. There's another PPV fight coming up in November that we're going to see at a friend's house. It will be another dissapointment, most likely. But at least we had REAL STEEL, same as we had with THE FIGHTER, which my wife loves. It brought us back and with our son, moved us forward.

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