Monday, December 19, 2011

When Hand-Me-Downs Don't Make It

Last week my wife and I were putting the final touches on the nursery. I had already painted the room and we were boxing up my son's old books and taking down the bookshelf. The last thing was to bring down his old crib from the attic and put it together for his lister sister. When it saw the light of the morning I was blown away. Man, my son had done a number on that crib!

It reminded me of the old INCREDIBLE HULK TV series (next to the Original STAR TREK, my favorite show as a kid). In the pilot, David banner was put into an isolation tank and hulks out. Afterward he and his scientist friend/love interest survey the damage and metal is bent, glass broken, and walls are punched out. That's what the crib looked like to me. Beams were loose, the headboard was cracked, there were deep grooves in the railing, and beams of the bottom metal frame were bent. I don't remember it being like that when I put it away about 4 years ago. Then again, I just wanted to get it out of the room so I could set up his toddler bed.

My wife and I shared a knowing look and I went out and bought a new crib. Hand-me-downs are good and they save money, but they have to be serviceable. My son is a good kid, but he's a bot's boy and prone to destruction. As evidenced by the crib, that propensity showed itself in infanthood.

We had the Baby Shower this past weekend and got a lot of great stuff, mainly replacing some of the stuff that couldn't survive my son. At least with girls they're not as destructive--at least I hope.


  1. Having grown up as the sole girl around a bunch of boys, I can say that girls are usually not as destructive. :D

  2. That's good to know, Tina. Now hopefully she doesn't grow up to be a mean girl.