Monday, December 26, 2011

When Melo Saved Christmas

The NBA and Christmas just go together. When I was on my sabbatical from the Knicks this past decade (for peace of mind reasons), Christmas was when I officially got into the NBA season and watched as many non-Knick games as I could as a basketball fan. With the addition of Amar'e Stoudemire last season I made up with the Knicks and started watching them again. They played on Christmas last year and had a rousing victory over the Bulls, but yesterday was different.

Dynamic scorer Carmelo Anthony (my favorite non-Knick player for a long time) was starting his first full season with the team and the Knicks were playing the hated Celtics. The game just seemed bigger and it was. Melo was electrifying, saving the Knicks after they blew a 10 point lead when he went to the bench in the 3rd quarter with foul trouble. He dropped 37 points and pulled down 8 rebounds, leading the team in both categories. He scored the teams final points to secure the last minute victory, 106-104 at the refurbished Garden.

This was the perfect sports anecdote to the debacle that has become of the Jets season. A superstar basketball player on a resurrected historical franchise that has rejuvenated the best basketball fanbase in the country. Thanks, Melo, for making Christmas more merry for us basketball fans.

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