Thursday, January 5, 2012

37 Weeks

Yesterday, my wife hit 37 weeks in our pregnancy, which means she's full term. Although her due date is January 25, she can go any time now. She's doing well, but tired often. We try to relax as much as possible now, but with the holiday and our 6 year old battling various colds these last two weeks, it's been tough.

I'm focused more on the waiting now. Since August I've been consumed with getting the house ready--having the basement finished, cleaning out the guest room to make into into my son's new room with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture, and turning my son's old room into a nursery with new paint job and new crib, because my son destroyed his old one we had in storage. Now, I think about being a dad again.

It's odd, really, because for the last six years it's just been us three. Now our trio is a quartet. I'm most interested in seeing how she looks. I can imagine it, but you never know until a couple of months after she goes through her early newborn transformation. I remember with our son, he looked like Mr. Magoo for the first month until he transformed into a minny me (no, I don't look like Mr. Magoo, thank you).

I can't help but think about when our daughter gets older. When she's six, or preteen. What her personality will be like? Who will be her favorite parent? (*cough*me*cough*). How will she interact with her big brother? And, will I be blessed enough to see her grow up because we all know that the future isn't guaranteed.

So now we wait and hope and be thankful for our wonderful arrival.


  1. Congrats--I have a 7-yo boy and 4-yo girl, and my son has been the most amazing big brother. Going from a trio to a quartet has been such an enriching and life-altering experience. She is already a total daddy's girl, and my hubby loves it! Good luck and hope the delivery goes smoothly. :)

  2. I'll bet you are all happy to be in the home stretch! The 4th member of our family just turned one last month and it is so hard to imagine life without her. Oh, I'm pretty sure she prefers her Daddy too. Little girls are sweet like that ;) All the best to you!

  3. So happy for you! I wish you and your family all the best. And congrats to Jennifer as well! :D