Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here. We. Go ...

Back on March 30th I mentioned that my agent and I were switching gears and focusing on my YA paranormal thriller LISTEN. Well, we are in full swing now because I am officially on submission! Yes, it's exciting and a little scary, but it's the point I've waited so long for that many times I didn't think it would come. Now it's here and I'm going to celebrate a little with my wife and two kids tonight. A nice dinner with one of my favorite foods (fried pork chops) and just lounge for a bit before I watch my Knicks take on the Bucs in the biggest game of the season.

After that I'll begin the waiting part and keeping myself busy writing-wise. That shouldn't be too hard because I've started plotting out the two LISTEN sequels (come on, you know this had to be a trilogy) and have a heavy dose of revisions to work on for DRAGORO.