Monday, April 30, 2012

Farewell, Ol' Buddy

As I mentioned in my previous post, my wife and I celebrated our Tenth Wedding Anniversary on April 26. We couldn't do anything special that evening because I had to go to night court, which sucked, but I was able to get home not too late so we could share some Chinese food. Not overly romantic, I know, but it was all good (and I got to see the Rangers win a thrilling game 7 after my wife and kids went to sleep). Luckily, I had set it up that our real anniversary celebration was the Saturday before where I took my wife to see Mamma Mia, which was amazing, and had a great dinner afterwards at my wife's favorite restaurant. A wonderful day all around.

Besides getting married ten years ago around this time, I also bought my second computer as a birthday gift for myself (yes, I do that occasionally). My first computer was a Packard Bell in 1996, which had as much computing power as some cheap smartphones today.  My second computer was top of the line in 2002, a Dell Dimension 4400. The problem with technology, of course, is that it tends to be obsolute as soon as you buy it.  I made the Dell last ten years and it's still going today, barerly. I survived a major crash in 2007 where the Blue Screen of Death nearly claimed another victim, but I was able to rebuild the computer to make it last until today.

Ten years of marriage, ten years older, it was about time to get a new computer. I ordered a top-of-the-line HP over the weekend and I should be getting it this week.  I'll miss my Dell. Heck, I've written all my manuscripts on that computer and it was there from my first book until going on submission two weeks ago.  It's had a good computing life. Thanks ol' buddy.

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