Monday, July 2, 2012

My Baby's Baptism

Scheduling things when you need to coordinate three sets of schedules is tough, especially with a brother-in-law in Florida and a sister who is always busy on the weekends, the two Godparents. But we were able to work things out and schedule my six-month-old daughter's baptism for this past Sunday, July 1. Yes, we had to re-schedule it twice, but still.  It worked out well.

Except for the heat. And the fact that the Deacon is part of management for Con Ed and had come off a 12 hour shift at 7 am and had to go back to work at 7 pm in the evening. Didn't matter, because the Deacon was awesome in conducting the ceremony, along with our Pastor who presided over the mass. We also lucked out in having the choir director and whole choir participate. Yes, because of the difficult scheduling we had to do a private mass and we were able to get the different moving pieces to work. I'm so thankful to all of them.

I'm also thankful for the family and friends who braved the scorching heatwave and came out to the mass and the reception afterwards at our house. I had to make extra runs to the store to get more water, but it worked. And best of all, our little Elena Marie got Baptized. She'll get to chose her own religious path when she grows up. My parents did the same for me, but they gave me a foundation and emphasized my free will through out. I love you Elena and I'm so proud and happy to share this day with you.

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