Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This is my daughter Elena's second Valentine's Day so I was able to get her my usual Valentine's Day gift that I give to my wife and son--Godiva chocolates--which Elena loved. Well, she loves to eat most anything, but she really is fond of chocolate.  So to Elena, my wonderful wife Betsy, my sis Ivonne, and my mom Marion, Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Hi, Steven,
    You know how you can click that arrow at the top of the blog to go to the next blog? That's how I got here from my blog The Ruralhood.

    First of all, I think it is awesome how you wished all the women you love Happy Valentine's Day. Secondly, I read your post on what it means (or that’s my take) to be catholic in preparation for Easter. I must say I gasped when you said that you went to the Cathedral to get your ashes. My mind was darting in all directions trying to figure out how you could be alive and retrieve your ashes.:) Then I read on and understood this was about Ash Wednesday.

    I am not catholic, but instead a Baptist from Missouri who thoroughly enjoyed your post on Ash Wednesday. I’m glad I accidently popped over.

  2. Hey Teresa! Thanks for finding my blog and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed my posts. I'll check out your blog too.