Friday, February 22, 2013

And the Oscar Goes To...

I've gotten back into the Oscars this year, mainly because it doesn't seem that the dastardly Weinsteins don't have their evil clutches on the top prize once again.  That is, unless they find a way to rig it so Silver Linings Playbook scores a major upset, similar to what happened when they stole the Best Picture award from Saving Private RyanShakespeare In Love was a good film, but in no way deserved the top prize.  But of course some Weinstein ballot magic did the trick.

A few years back I was absolutely mortified that The Dark Knight was not nominated for Best Picture. As a good consolation, a great film in Slumdog Millionaire won so I was happy.  Last year I couldn't care less who won after the travesty of the year before in Inception not only losing out to The King's Speech for the Best Picture Oscar, but Best Original Screenplay.  That, my dear friends, was an abomination.  That was on the level of Young MC winning the Rap Grammy over Hip-hop all-time greats.

But this year is a reprive from my Oscar animosity because I loved the two top films vying for Best Picture, Lincoln and Argo.  Two great films I know that Argo has the wind at it's back with upset wins at the SGA and PGAs which is a tell-tale sign of being a front runner, but I wouldn't be surprised if Lincoln pulled it out.  That said, I think Argo should win as it was a slightly superior film.  Here are my choices for who will (rather than should) win in the major categories on Sunday night:

Best Picture -- Argo

Best Director -- Steven Speilberg, Lincoln (I would've given it to Ben Affleck, but he wasn't nominated)

Best Actor -- Daniel Day-Lewis (remarkable performance)

Best Actress -- Jennifer Lawrence (Weinsteins are thrown a bone)

Best Supporting Actor -- Tommy Lee Jones

Best Supporting Actress -- Anne Hathaway

Best Original Screenplay -- Armour

Best Adapted Screenplay -- Argo

Best Editing -- Lincoln

Best Animated Film -- Brave

Best Foreign Language Film -- Armour

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