Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Oscars? Who Cares?

Since I've started this blog in 2009 I've posted my Oscar predictions. Prior to that I participated in an Oscar pool at my wife's job and we won a couple of times over the years. Not to pat myself on the back, but I was pretty good at predicting the winners. But I've lost interest in the Oscars as the worthy winners have continued to be ignored by the Academy.

The year THE DARK KNIGHT didn't get nominated for Best Picture was the beginning of the end of me. It was a complete joke and led the Academy to expand the Best Picture category from 5 nominees to a maximum of 10. Last year was the final straw. The best film of 2010, INCEPTION, got Weinsteined (i.e., the Weinstein brothers' Oscar push which always seems to manipulate the final results), and it lost out to the far inferior THE KING'S SPEECH. Worst of all, THE KING'S SPEECH beat out INCEPTION for Best Original Screenplay, which was a complete travesty. Seriously? Writing about a well known public figure for a boring as hell movie is more Oscar worthy to a magnificently original story and compelling narrative?

Go to hell, Academy, and continue your road to irrelevance and consistently declining ratings for your over produced self important award show.

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