Monday, February 6, 2012


Congratulations to the New York Giants on their 4th Super Bowl championship and 8th NFL championship overall in franchise history, third alltime behind the Green Bay Pakers and Chicago Bears. The Giants had won their 1st and 2nd Super Bowls 4 years apart and they've done the same with their 3rd and 4th. In fact, head coach Tom Coughlin won the title in his 4th and 8th year as coach of Big Blue, then same as the legendary Bill Parcells. Maybe now fellow Giant fans will stop hating on Tom.

But the game, the season, and this era of Giants football belongs to Eli Manning, who has cemented himself as the best quarterback in New York pro football history. No starting QB has won more road/neutral site postseason games than him. This victory was his 7th 4th quarter comeback of the year. Simply the best. Better than his brother Peyton and the man he's defeated twice in the big game--Tom Brady.

I saw the Super Bowl at my friends house. He's a huge Giants' fan and threw a big Super Bowl party, which was an amazing time, full of chears, screaming, and shed tears. At the end of the night everyone was ecstatic because our team was champions of the world again. Yeah, our team, now that I've come back home to Big Blue.

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