Friday, March 2, 2012

Yes, I'm Linsane

Being a longtime (and at one point closeted) Knicks fan, I've purposely have not posted on Linsanity. Yes, I am All Lin on the Knicks right now, thoroughly excited about what Jeremy Lin has brought to my favorite basketball team. I just want to see how it all plays out. No, I'm not worried about Carmelo Anthony, who has been wrongfully vilified by the media. He has played hurt for most of the season and was saddled by the worst point guard tandem in the NBA (Douglas and Bibby) before Lin's miraculous emergence.

I'm mainly concerned about Amar'e Stoudemire who looks 100 years old right now and the Knicks owner, the Scourge of New York sports, James Dolan. Amar'e needs to regain his old form while Dolan needs to not revert to his old form. Both scenarios, however, may be unlikely. So right now I'm cautiously optimistic. They are only 18-18 at the moment, but they were 10-5 in February, which is a very good record. They're a deep team with a dynamic player at the point in Lin, an elite scorer in Melo, and a good defensive mentality overall. In other words, they should go on a good run in the second half of the season, but you never know with the Dolan Knicks. So I'm filled with Linsanity and hopefully, can ride the wave into the summer.

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