Friday, May 25, 2012

"The Force Will Be With You Always" ... 35 Years Later

Thirty-five years ago today, May 25, 1977, 20th Century Fox released a space western by an ambitious young filmaker that would change cinema forever.  The studio gave little marketing help beyond licensing T-shirts and posters and was afraid the film would be beaten out by other summer films like SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, so they upped the release to the Wednesday before Memorial Day Weekend.

I was 5 years old at the time with a 14 year old and 15 year old brother and sister. They wanted to go see it and take me along.  They had to convince my mom to take us, but we had to wait.  It wasn't until August that we saw it in a movie theater in Manhattan, and it blew me away like it did a generation of kids, teens, and adults.  Anything seemed possible in movies now.

Happy 25th-Anniversary STAR WARS, the Force will be with us, always.

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