Monday, November 7, 2011

Patriot Week

Back in late September I wrote about the Jets' 16 one-game season this year when every loss is a catastrophy. I wrote that after the Jets lost their first game of the season to fall to 2-1. Of course, the hysteria got much worse after the Jets lost 3 in a row. But a funny thing happened on the way to the end of the football world--it didn't end. There was still much left to the season after the first 5 games and a record of 2-3.

The Jets have gone on to win 3 in a row and now sit at 5-3. The Patriots handed the Jets their third straight loss and, in a bit of symmetry, come to MetLife Stadium on their own 2-game losing streak. Patriot week is always exciting and now the Jets have a chance to return the favor.

There's no team in the NFL I loathe more than the Patriots. It's beyond jealousy. It's mainly because of the hypocracy surrounding the team, the media and fans belief fueled mainly by reputation rather than production. All sports dynasties come to an end and the Patriots dynasty ended 7 years ago, but the sports world ignored that. Now, this Sunday night, there will be further proof that the dynasty has been long dead. Or at least I hope. Hey, I'm a Jet fan.

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